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The first system embedding authentication into physical items

ON-Limited is building a peer-to-peer transaction system for luxury and limited edition items embedding an authentication and traceability system allowing buyers and sellers to trade without a moderator party.

The winning service for brands, official resellers and end-customers

Brand Experience - How does it works?

Step 1

At Production

The brand generates a new set of serialized NFTs using the dedicated platform or using our API. The information contained in the NFT can vary from product specs, color, size, materials, production process and eventual notes.

Step 2

At Point of Sale

From a dedicated account, a brand's employee validates the sale using our dedicated platform or the integrated API. The brand's employee input the buyer's email or additional information in order to deliver the NFT into his account on the platform.

Step 3


The brand proposes targeted owner experiences and discounts, earning anonymised analytics and second-hand market insights.

Customer Experience - How does it works?


First-hand purchase

When a product is originally bought from a brand at Point Of Sale (Online or In store), the associated product's NFT is stored on our platform in an account created with the customer's email. The owner can then login and sell the item directly from his account in one click.


Seller side - Second-hand transaction

A product NFT's owner becomes a seller when he decides to sell the item on the marketplace. On the marketplace, what is actually sold is When the selling price is set, the seller selects a delivery option and covers the shipping fee for it. Now the NFT is on sale, temporarily held on the platform pool account Once the delivery is completed and the transaction validated by the buyer, the seller receives the money on his account.


Buyer Side - Second hand transaction

A second hand buyer can purchase any available item with his credit card directly on the platform. The NFT and the money are temporarily held on the platform pool account. Once the item is received, the buyer validates the transaction and receives the corresponding product's NFT on his account.